Energy Engineering in IIT Bombay

Energy Systems Engineering (ESE) was founded in 1981 as an inter-disciplinary group at IIT Bombay offering M.Tech. and Ph.D. programmes. ESE has graduated about 280 M. Tech. and 25 Ph.Ds since its inception and currently has an output of 25-30 postgraduate (M. Tech., Ph.D.) each year.
In 2007, the Board of Governors of IIT Bombay approved the growth of Energy Systems Engineering into a Department of Energy Science and Engineering (DESE).The new Department is expected to provide critical manpower and research inputs that are critical for the growth of India's energy sector and provide innovative energy technologies and systems to mitigate the global problem of climate change.
DESE has started an integrated M.Sc.- Ph.D. programme in Energy from 2007 and a Dual Degree (B.Tech - M.Tech.) programme in Energy Systems Engineering from 2008. The projected student strength of the Department is about 300 (in 2013) with a core faculty of 15-20 and another 30-40 associated from other departments in the Institute.
The Department's research activities will focus on developing cost effective renewables (e.g. thin film photovoltaics, low cost solar thermal industrial heating, microbial fuel cells, bio-refinery) and energy efficient devices and systems (process integration, benchmarking, heat pumps, trigeneration, controllers, power electronics). The Department will have a combination of fundamental experimental work on new materials (nanomaterials for fuel cell, battery, hydrogen storage applications) and system simulation and analysis capabilities. The Department is in the process of strengthening existing research groups and catalyzing new research groups and building new research facilities.

1. Introduction to PV System design
2. CEP course on Energy Management
3. Seminar on CSP for grid scale electricity generation
4. C-Si solar cells and modules- Theory, fabrication and characterization

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