Solar Electric PowerAssociaion (SEPA)

 The Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) is an educational non-profit organization dedicated to helping utilities integrate solar energy into their portfolio.

 SEPA operates under the following guiding principles:

  • Utilities must be a critical part of the equation for solar energy to live up to its full potential in serving the public good.
  • The long term economic health of utilities, solar companies and their customers will be strengthened through partnership.
  • The regulatory compact must evolve to support utility business models that encourage both central station and distributed solar deployment.
  • Upgrades and advancements are needed to grid infrastructure, enabling technologies, and grid operations in order for solar energy to reach maximum potential.



SEPA creates opportunities for electric utilities, developers manufacturers, installers, and many other organizations with a stake in the future of solar energy to grow, get smarter about the changing energy sector, meet peers, exchange ideas and much more.
We help members make critical connections by delivering the latest actionable information to help you manage and grow your business. SEPA takes the time and risk out of implementing solar business plans and help you turn new technologies into new opportunities.
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