Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA)

We have a constant power source available to us - the sun. A huge nuclear reactor creating approximately 17,000 times more energy every day than the combined global population is using.

Every hour of every day the sun warms the earth with enough energy to meet world demand for a year.
At SEIA we believe in harnessing that energy. We are committed to both a global and local revolution in power resources. We don’t believe we can keep plundering the earth’s core any more. We have to look up and create better, more efficient, cheaper ways of bringing the incredible power of the sun into every home, business, school and government office in this great country of ours – Australia.
SEIA brings together all those with a passion for, and interest in, solar power and resources. Installers, manufacturers, importers and suppliers. We speak for and about the industry.
SEIA unites all those who seek a brighter and cleaner energy future, so that Government, Media and the Public alike hear one clear, unanimous, voice. So that the Public are served by solar installers with integrity, honesty and skill. SEIA works with manufacturers to create the best products at the most competitive prices for the Australian market and to lobby for a greater uptake of, and reliance on, solar power for Australia’s, and our childrens’, future.
We maintain strict standards for our members and ensure that only the best interests of the industry are served at all times.
After all, this industry will be here long after we are gone.


About SEIA

SEIA was formed in 2007 in response to demand from within the industry. Installers who felt they wanted to be unified and represented under one banner with their interests at heart; manufacturers and importers of panels, inverters, batteries etc who wanted to support and grow the solar industry; retailers, researchers and lobbyists who requested a union of like-minded professionals so that all the various interests and concerns of the solar industry could be effectively reflected under one roof.
Our members include:
  • Self-employed and employed installers who are passionate about the future of the solar industry in Australia.
  • Major importers and manufacturers of PV panels, inverters, batteries and associated infrastructure.
  • National Installation Organisations of PV systems for home and business.
  • Private and Government run education facilities.
  • Renewable Energy Consultants.
  • Members of the Public who are interested in, and supportive of, the growth of the solar industry in Australia.
  • Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) trading companies.
SEIA's strict Code of Ethics does not allow companies or individuals who act disreputably within the industry, or to the detriment of the industry, to become members.


2014 SEIA NSW Annual Installers' Meeting

This year's meeting again features a wide range of technical regulatory topics that affect us, the installers. Plenty of hands-on sessions and installers' question time has been incorporated to ensure value for money in what will no doubt be an engaging and productive day for our members.
Topics and presentations include:  
  • Round discussion table with Rob Stokes MP - Parl.Sec Renewable Energy NSW, Lindsay Soutar- Solar Citizens, Geoff Bragg - SEIA NSW
  • The RET review & implications of a target reduction
  • Financing opportunities for your customers
  • Ruthless sales practices
  • Lithium batteries - how ready are the new technologies
  • Product updates: Arc Fault Detection, Remote Array Isolation
  • Voltage rise calculation/long LV runs and connection approvals
  • Substation transformer size limiting system size
  • Micro-inverters: products update and use in Commercial scale PV
  • New committee election
  • Open discussion forum for SEIA members
Entry is FREE for up to 3 people (eligibility criteria applies) if you renew or pay your NSW membership by 1 March 2014.
For further information please contact or phone 0429 631 022.

When:      21 March 2013
Where:    St George Rowing Club, 1 Levey St, WOLLI CREEK NSW 2205 (near the airport)
Cost:        Members: Free for up to 3 people (eligibility criteria applies), additional staff $80
                 Non-members $100

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