Solar Energy Projects for the Evil Genius


In everyday life, we consume a tremendous amount of energy. Our lives are styled around consumption-consumption of natural resources and consumption of energy.

Renewable versus nonrenewable

At present, the bulk of our energy comes from fossil fuels—gas, coal, and oil. Fossil fuels are hydrocarbons, that is to say that if we look at them chemically, they are wholly composed of hydrogen and carbon atoms. The thing about hydrocarbons is that, when combined with the oxygen in the air and heat, they react exothermically (they give out heat). This heat is useful, and is used directly as a useful form of energy in
itself, or is converted into other forms of energy like kinetic or electrical energy that can be used to “do some work,” in other words, perform a useful function.


1. Solar Phone Charger
2. Solar Battery Charger
3. Solar-Powered Radio
4. Solar-Powered Torch
5. Solar-Powered Warning Light
6. Solar-Powered Garden Light


1. Solar Flat Plate Collector
2. Solar Heat Your Swimming Pool
3. Solar Hot Dog Cooker
4. Cook Eggs on Your Driveway
5. Solar Cooker
6. Solar Camping Stove
7. Window-Sill Demonstration Solar Still
8. Pit-Type Solar Still
9. Solar Basin Still
10.Own Parabolic Dish Concentrator

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