Characterization and performance study on visible active TiO2 polymorphs for solar application

The photocatalytic is a reaction which uses light to activate substances which modify the rate of chemical reaction without involving in the reaction. The photocatalytic activity is a result of the synergy of a succession of phenomena- photogeneration, separation, and participation of the charge carriers at the catalyst surface for chemical reaction. Synergistic effect of the mixed phase titania on its performance compared to the pristine phase has been investigated. 

The experiments were conducted under visible light irradiations. The characterization was done using tools X-ray diffraction (XRD) and Scanning electron microscope (SEM). 

For photocatalytic degradation test methylene blue was used as probe pollutant and it was tested under visible light. The results show that the mixed phase catalysts showed 1.6 times more activity than anatase phase of TiO2 and 7.6 times than rutile phase of TiO2. Thus the fundamental charge transfer process at different phases is important for light harvesting photocatalyst.

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